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I heard about it before I saw it. I was driving home and heard about President Obama’s tan suit.

The fact that he worn something other than his typical dark suit blew up Twitter.
Here is my take on the suit. It was fly, it was sharp and I was so glad to see him in something other than navy blue.
It was such a refreshing change with that grey stripe tie. Note to Obama, the look was a nice compliment to your tan skin and mixed grey hair.
Gentlemen this is how a man should look at this time of year. He looked cool and calm.

tan suit press conf
And a note to those guys who are dealing with grey hair, embrace it. Please do not color your hair or your mustache it is so noticeable and because your hair is short and grows out fast you have to dye it over and over again week after week.

I am so turned off by men who dye their hair it makes you look older not younger.
Back to the tan suit some non-fashionistas make crazy comments like “he got the suit from Steve Harvey” and this is what happens when he bypasses Congress on the purchase of a suit.
Please people let the man look good. This is not the first time he wore this suit there is a photo showing him in the tan suit around Easter, just like FLOTUS he knows when to repeat a good look.
Rock on POTUS

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