Bow Wow Slams Karrueche for Blue Ivy Hair Diss

BET’s Bow Wow becomes the latest to weigh in on the controversy, telling his fan followers that he wouldn’t have declined to read the teleprompter joke live on air. He also is denying speculation that the show has been taken off their air over the furor that exploded in the aftermath.
On Monday, Karrueche told a scripted joke to the audience during a live broadcast of BET’s “106 & Park” about Beyonce and Jay Z not combing their daughter Blue’s hair. Karrueche, of course, was buried under an avalanche of hate, but Bow Wow now weighs in on the controversy.
First, he says the long-running music show is not suspended as a result of the Karrueche comments.
“Nah man, y’all crazy. No, we’re not getting suspended, we’re not going off the air. We’re on hiatus, that’s why you haven’t seen me on the show as of late because I’ve been using my time to actually film for CSI. So I just wanted to go ahead and clear that up for everybody out there not knowing the truth.
“We all pull our pants up the same, you know what I mean? Everybody talk about everybody. ‘The View,’ you know what I mean? ‘First Take.’ When Stephen A. Smith said what he said, they didn’t suspend the whole show. They just dealt with Stephen A. Smith. We ain’t going on a hiatus because of Karrueche either. We’re doing what we do every fall.”
Bow Wow, who has actually worked with Beyonce in the past, says that he would have refused to deliver the joke, adding: “Now a brother like me? Would I have read that sh*t? H*ll nah! Nope! Uh-uh. Wouldn’t have did it. Nope! Uh-uh! Nope! Not on duty.”
Karrueche, 27, and the TV network issued an apology a number of times after fans expressed their fury over the incident.

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