Ferguson Police Lied: Officer Darren Wilson Did Not Fracture Eye Socket

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The Ferguson Police Department lied Wednesday when they told Fox News that Officer Darren Wilson suffered an eye socket fracture in the alleged scuffle with Michael Brown, leading to the deadly shooting of the teen.
On Thursday, CNN anchor Don Lemon says a source within the Ferguson officer who gunned down Brown did not, in fact, suffer from a fractured eye socket.
“According to a source close to the investigation, the officer, Darren Wilson, did go to the hospital after the altercation and the shooting death of Michael Brown. He did have X-rays done, he had a swollen face, but the X-rays for a broken or torn eye socket came back negative,” Lemon said. “That source says it is not true at all, he did not have a torn eye socket. Unequivocally. He unequivocally denies that.”
Fox News had reported Wednesday that a source close to department leaders said that Wilson had suffered “severe facial injuries,” including the fractured eye socket.
Fox’s account, which they eagerly reported, contradicts eyewitness testimonies and the video taken shortly after the shooting showed the officer pacing around Brown’s body, seemingly with no obvious injuries.
“I really don’t know if we’re going to know what any of this is, or the truth of it, until it comes out in court,” legal commentator Nancy Grace said.


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