Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson: Mike Brown's Killer's Photo Leaks Online

You knew it wouldn’t be long before a photo of police officer Darren Wilson would emerge.
The Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson had already released Wilson’s name Friday morning as the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. Jackson, however, declined to release a picture of Wilson.
Wilson has been incognito ever since he shot Brown. But with the release of his name and face, he most likely will go into protective custody. Wilson’s neighbors claim that he is no longer staying at his home.
One way to try to protect Wilson was by strategically diverting attention away from the officer. They successfully accomplished this by releasing photos and video of Brown allegedly committing a strong-armed robbery moments before his confrontation with Wilson.
Jackson admitted that the alleged strong-armed robbery was not related to the deadly confrontation. Wilson stopped Brown and his friend because they were walking in middle of the street.

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