Ferguson Police Release Photos of Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Before Shooting

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FERGUSON, Mo. — Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson handed the media an incident report in a packet that allegedly proves that Michael Brown had committed a “strong-arm robbery” of a convenience store in the minutes before Brown’s shooting death.
The packet included photos and video of a man wearing similar clothing to what Brown was wearing when he was shot and killed. The photos allegedly show Brown harassing an unidentified man at a Kwik Shop.
According to the report, the first page states that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was responding to a sick call last Saturday when dispatch alerted him that two young black men had robbed a Kwik Shop.
“Brown grabbed a box of Swisher Sweet cigars and handed them to Johnson,” says the report. “(REDACTED) witnessed (REDACTED) tell Brown that he had to pay for those cigars first. That is when Brown reached across the counter and grabbed numerous packs of Swisher Sweets and turned to leave the store.”
When a bystander attempted to stop Brown from leaving, Brown allegedly “grabbed [him] by the shirt and forcefully pushed him back into a display rack.”
This is a separate case, however, from the activities that led up to Michael Brown’s shooting fatality. The police, while delivering information about the alleged “strong-armed” robbery, have yet to deliver similar information about the police confrontation that led to Brown’s death.

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