Kandi Burruss Backstage Demands Include New Toilet Seats, Popeyes Chicken

kandi toru
Kandi Burruss appears to be a genuinely nice person and an astute businesswoman and artist. But whatever you do, do not mess with her chicken or her posterior.
The media got ahold of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s backstage demands during her current multi city tour of her musical show, “A Mother’s Love,” and it is no joke.
The former Xcape band member and Grammy Award-winning writer demands Popeyes fried chicken — without exception. The contract states: “Please do not substitute for Kentucky Fried Chicken or Churches, we know the difference.” She will, however, devour, some KFC cole slaw.
Burruss is even more picky when it comes to her bathroom peculiarities. According to TMZ, Burruss mandates that a brand new toilet be installed on all her tour stops, and it must done under the supervision of her road manager or an assistant. In addition, the bathroom must be fully stocked with Cottonelle toilet paper and Dove soap. No exceptions.
That’s just for starters.

  • A black Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Golf carts and umbrellas in case of rain
  • A police escort to skirt traffic jams.  “Under no circumstance shall Kandi be delayed arriving at or departing” from the venue.

Burress’ camp was contacted and had no problem confirming the authenticity of the contract.

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