Couple gets run over by mad mother after helping her son stuck in hot car

A good Samaritan couple was run down by a psychotic woman enraged that they would call the police on her for leaving her son locked in a hot car in the sunlight. Both victims sustained permanent injuries.
This is part of a spate of incidents that have been reported recently ever since a suburban Atlanta father, Justin Ross Harris, allegedly locked his toddler son in a boiling car at a Home Depot parking lot, where the boy died.
This latest incident took place in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree store in Longmont, Colo.
According to authorities, Shannon Rodriguez, 43, and boyfriend Alan Mason were alarmed when they spotted a child alone in a car, with all of the windows rolled up. Rodriguez said the car was parked in direct sunlight, according to KDVR News.
With increased awareness of the dangers of leaving children locked cars without ventilation, Dominguez immediately called 911.
Very soon, however, it would be Rodriguez and her boyfriend who would need to be rushed to the hospital.
The trapped boy’s mother, Krista Riddell, 27, finished shopping and got to the car and realized Dominguez had called authorities, she became enraged, striking Mason on the face and threatening to beat up Dominguez.
Things would go from bad to worse.
According to the report, Riddell jumped in her car, backed up and then accelerated towards the couple. Dominguez was struck first. Mason was propelled over the car hood and tried to hang on, but landed on the ground. His injuries included internal and external bruises.
Dominguez was much worse off. Her left leg was crushed, and she now is confined to a wheelchair. Doctors have told her she may never walk normally again.
According to the news report, Riddell has a lengthy criminal history, including assault and numerous driving violations. She now faces charges of assault, hit-and-run and child abuse.

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