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I wanted to share with you what a wonderful concert was presented last week. Boyz II Men were in town and performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony at Heinz Hall. This was on a Wednesday evening and downtown Pittsburgh was jumping.
Before the concert, a good friend and I dined at Nola on the Square, in Market Square. We felt like we were out of town as we sat on the sidewalk, and enjoyed our meal and people watched. If there is an economic downturn it was on hold at this location. There are some other acts coming to Pittsburgh and I will get to that in a minute.
Lately, I have been distracted by the whole Lyft and Uber situation. Have you been paying attention? These companies are called ride sharing companies. Lyft drivers can be identified by a furry pink mustache on the front of the vehicle. You set up the ride on line. When I first heard about this program it sounded like a Jitney ride.
What is the difference? Are they more organized than Jitneys, is it the fact that they use ride sharing as a way to describe what they do or perhaps the difference is you have to apply to be a driver with these companies.
The whole time this has been in the news I keep wondering where the Jitneys are in this whole thing. Are they just lying low waiting for the outcome? If that is the case here is some news. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Business Times at a public meeting Thursday in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission unanimously approved emergency temporary authority for the ride-share services to operate in Pittsburgh. The petitions from Lyft Inc. and Raiser PA LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies Inc., were filed earlier this month following a July 1 decision from the commission’s investigation and enforcement arm to issue a cease-and-desist order against the ride-share companies.  Reportedly this is a service that is desperately needed in the area. What I can figure out is if all this business is being overlooked, why don’t the taxicabs pick these people up?
I need to do more research, but not before I tell you that Smokey is coming to town on Aug. 2 at the Meadows.
And the Black Family Reunion is taking place that same weekend, Aug. 2-3. On Aug. 2 another white party (Bill Neal’s is on Aug. 1) at the CEA Cultural Center at 9 p.m. then on Sunday Aug. 3 Howard Hewett will be in Schenley Park with Con Funk Shun from 1-6 p.m.  In August, jazz begins in Highland Park.
There were a few other things on my mind besides the ride sharing and entertainment, I wanted to remind the ladies that leggings are not pants and just because they fit you, it doesn’t mean they are for you. If you can see through them to your underwear, please put on a long top or blouse. Where are the fashion police when you need them?
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