Car Thief Deliberately Crashes into Fulton County Cop, Injuring Officer

A thief driving a stolen Lincoln Continental appears to deliberately crash head on into a Fulton County police officer’s patrol car, sending him and a suspect he was transporting are in the hospital.
The officer had just picked up a shoplifting suspect at the Walmart on Old National Highway on Tuesday evening. As the officer was leaving the parking lot with the suspect in the back seat, the driver of a stolen car smashed into the officer, police said.
Authorities on the scene believe the car thief crashed into the officer on purpose because he thought the officer knew the car was stolen.
The front end of the patrol car was completely torn off and caused the to spin car around, tearing off the front end. The stolen car crashed into a tree and the driver is now on the loose, says WSB-TV.
Detectives suspect that the driver of the stolen car was paranoid; he had just been stolen from a driveway Tuesday morning. Since the officer was the only one who was on the scene, the department does not have a description of the suspect.
No word yet on the medical condition of the officer and the shoplifting suspect who was in the backseat.


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