Nene Leakes Slams Wendy Williams for Criticizing Her Handbag

Ever since her two sitcoms were cancelled, Nene Leakes had retreated back into the cluster of reality star faces with nothing to distinguish her from the pack. But the original “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star rocketed back into the headlines when she fired shots at nemesis Wendy Williams, who gleefully criticized Leakes’ handbag on her popular daytime talk show.
Just like Rihanna, Leakes always fires back with machine-gun precision when she’s attacked. So she took to her social media platform to fire off some verbal missiles in Williams’ direction and to tell the former New York radio show host to climb up off her back once and for all:
This is what Leakes had to say:
Wendy I am sure people think that I’ve done something to you, maybe we had a beef or I slept with your man but none of that is true!
I’ve actually only been nice to you! I gave you a beautiful black $3,200 Celine Phantom Bag to celebrate your 500th show but you haven’t spoken of that!
But what you have chosen to do is constantly speak negative of me and lie on me! What you need to do is stop spewing hate!
When it comes to gossip you are the lowest of the low!
I know you hate because I turned down the chance to come on your Talk Show and I am sure you’re scared I will take your place.
(I know you have heard! Ummhmm wink wink)
I have a clothing line on HSN coming out in a few days and I know it must be hard for a black woman to support another black woman but you should try it sometime.
PS: My Birkin is being turned into a work of art to raise money for a worthy charity something you fail to mention on your show! I don’t have one Birkin
I have five now run tell that WIG.
We are sure that Williams will strike back with an offensive attack on her show in the escalating conflict between these two warring factions.

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