Georgia Among Best States for Business

coastal georgia
Coastal Georgia

The state of Georgia is ranked among the best states to do business and have a career, according to both Chief Executive and Forbes magazines.
The Peach state certainly ranks among the nation’s leaders in Fortune 500 intercontinental corporations, including Coca-Cola Company, United Parcel Service Inc., Home Depot Inc., AFLAC Incorporated and Delta Airlines.
It’s also the state who has very friendly movie tax and underwent a worker’s comp reform, which pleased CEO’s:
“We relocated our corporate office from Los Angeles to Atlanta in 2006 largely because of the regulatory and unfriendly tax environment in the state of California. We considered Dallas, but settled on Atlanta for customer-related and other secondary or marginal reasons. Would make the same decision if I had to do it all over again.”
Both Forbes and CEO mags list Georgia as the 10th best state for business in the country.
While CEO mag praises the state from a regulatory standpoint, Forbes states Georgia is among the nation’s best in terms of labor supply, regulatory environment and growth prospects. The state did not fair well in the rankings on quality of life, business costs and economic climate.
The state of Texas headed the CEO list of best states for business, while Virginia headed up the Forbes list. California was ranked near the very bottom in both lists.

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