'Sexy Felon' Jeremy Meeks Killed After Being Released From Jail?

An inferno of a story raging out of control on cyberspace because of the story that “pretty boy felon” Jeremy Meeks being killed by his wife an hour after being released from jail.
The same type of women, who put money on his books while he languishes away in jail, are the ones who are having conniptions because their dreamy bad boy has been reportedly slain, the victim of a scorned and jealous wife who snapped and shot him in cold blood.
A satirical website called Huzlers.com posted the fake story and all hell broke loose on the internet.
Said  Huzlers.com,
 “According to jail records, Jeremy Meek was released from jail just before midnight on Tuesday night. About an hour later, just before 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Stockton Police found him laying in the road in the area of Dayton and West in Central Stockton. He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where he died from his wounds shortly after arriving.
During the investigation, police said Meek went to his mother’s house after leaving the jail and got into a fight with his wife. Police said Meek and his wife Lashanda Meek had longstanding personal issues. They said the fight ended with Meek laying in the road with two wounds — one they said, looked like a knife wound, the other may be a gunshot wound. Witnesses also reported a loud pop. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.
Police caught Lashanda Meek on the run about a mile away from the murder scene at an apartment complex. Officers served a search warrant there looking for evidence and they also towed a minivan, which they believe was the getaway vehicle. Stocktown Police Chief Tom Morris said investigators seized a gun at the home where Jeremys wife Lashanda Meek was arrested.”
The problem with this story is that it is not true whatsoever. Meeks is very much alive. In fact, Meeks has not even been released from the jail he is holed up in — which would probably be a major prime-time event if and when that happens.
The satirical site did not bother to explain to readers that the story is completely fabricated. So for those hysterical women wanting to give up their last dollars so he can have a proper burial, can now return to their regularly-scheduled lives, uninterrupted.
But … Pretty funny stuff, eh?
No, I didn’t think so either.

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