'Straight Outta Compton' Casting Call is Incredibly Racist

Agency wants ‘dark,’ ‘out of shape’ black women to play poor  extras

There are multiple glaring problems with the people charged with casting the upcoming movie Straight Outta Compton.
Despite the movie being about an African American rap group, the casting agency is either not black or they are very confused. Most telling, the Sande Alessi Casting agency wanted these people to be casted as poor women: African American females who are “dark” and “not in good shape.”
That’s just the beginning.
For the roles of models and beautiful women, they desired “light-skinned” and “Beyonce” types of women, the ad stated.
When the ad was released, it immediately went viral and caused outrage all over the urban side of Los Angeles.
The casting company inviting Los Angeles women to apply for one of several categories of extras that will be featured in the film. The casting agency used an A, B, C, D scale to group the women. Here’s the breakdown:
A) “Hottest of the hottest. Models” (open to women of any race)
B) “Fine … Beyonce is a protoype here” (light-skinned women) 
C) African American girls … Medium to light skinned with a weave
D) “These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone.”
You can automatically guess that urban Los Angeles went volcanic on the ad and the casting agency  because the “D” group was the only group associated with an economic class —”poor” — and they wanted only dark-skinned, out of shape black women.
The Sande Alessi Casting said ad was an “innocent mistake,” tmz.com reports. They also said when it comes to casting the “poor” people, they’re also looking for women of various skin tones and body types.
So just how did the casting for “poor” women who are to be “medium to dark skin tone” get into the ad. And who decided that the Beyonce type and model castings were to be “light-skinned?”
Sande Alessi Casting strongly refutes that it’s A,B,C,D grouping system is racist, explaining that this their normal way of vetting women for roles and they were not trying to offend people.
Yah, right.


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