Kobina Wright Pays Homage to the Automotive Industry

“Early Autos” by Kobina Wright

Kobina Wright’s latest art work focuses on the blossoming of the Ford Motor Company in 1903.
Artist and writer, Kobina Wright, has recently created a work of art paying tribute to the first orders of automobiles placed with the Ford Motor Company on July 15, 1903. The work Wright created titled “Early Autos,” is a mixed media collage using images of early automobiles driven around the time. Affordable prints of the collage can be purchased by the public through Fine Art America and a limited amount of smaller prints can be purchased through Elindy Gallery on Etsy.
While Germany and France drew up drafts of the idea of the automobile in the early 1800s, the United States dominated the automotive industry through the first half of the twentieth century. The Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford, took roots in Dearborn, Michigan (a Detroit suburb) and was incorporated in June 1903. Its first orders were taken in July of the same year.
Wright plans to create another collage commemorating this automotive and American history. However, she will attempt to capture more of the era rather than focus solely on automobiles. Though she may be known for her collage work, Wright also has created notable serial work through ink sketches and her acrylic paintings.
Wright, is a California native with a BA in journalism from California State University, Fullerton and currently the editor and contributor to The Wrighter, an arts and culture blog. She wrote her third volume of poetry titled, “Say It! Say Gen-o-cide!!” − dedicated to the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. In 2009 Wright co-authored a volume of nuler poetry with friend and fellow poet, Lisa Bartley Lacey, titled “A Crime And A Simplification Of Something Sublime.” In 2010 she wrote a volume of nuler poetry titled, “50″ dedicated to the late Michael Jackson.
Wright has been featured in a variety of publications in recent years including, in 2014, Blue Lake Review and Extract(s).


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