Katt Williams’ Rolls Royce is Being Called A ‘Deadly Weapon’

Katt Williams’ Rolls Royce is Being Called A ‘Deadly Weapon’

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*Comedian Katt Williams is in the news again, but not for what initially made him famous.
In a move that lately appears to have him building his credits based on run-ins with the law, Williams, 40, is being accused of losing his temper when a fan attempted to take a selfie while he was idle at a red light in his Rolls Royce.
According to TMZ:

Katt Williams is under criminal investigation for committing a deadly form of whip lash … so claims a man who says the comedian used his Rolls-Royce in an attempt to mow him down.
Katt was tooling around near LAX Tuesday … when a guy named Glen Jackson pulled alongside and tried to snap a cell phone pic. Jackson says it triggered a volcanic reaction from Katt.
Katt and a bodyguard allegedly got out of the car, tried grabbing Jackson’s phone, then pepper sprayed him.
Jackson says he stumbled out of the car, choking from the fumes, when Katt rolled his Rolls smack into his leg … then doused him in pepper spray again before driving off.
Inglewood, CA police are investigating a possible assault with a deadly weapon — the Rolls and seek to have a conversation with Williams and the bodyguard.
This is the 4th violent confrontation Katt has been involved with in the past 2 weeks … two altercations on PCH … and an alleged gun attack at an L.A. comedy club and now this.

No word from the man himself, as of this writing. But in the past his  teflon defense in court  has proven a viable safety net, but as we all know, eventually, after repeated use, even safety nets give way.


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