'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Brawl Injures Many, Cops and Ambulance Called

The potent ingredients of thuggery and “ratchetness” were stirred to its boiling point on the set of the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion” show on Tuesday, July 15, creating a toxic brew that ignited an all-out brawl and caused multiple injuries to bodies and faces — and weaves.
Multiple sources on the scene at the reunion show in New York testified that the fight involved Benzino, his fiancee Althea Heard, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Mimi Faust and included Debra and Tammy.
According to sources, the violent fracas erupted when Benzino made an inflammatory joke about about Stevie J and Joseline doing drugs.
Stevie J, aka Steven Jordan, reportedly lunged toward Benzino, but was intercepted at the last second by security guards. While they were trying to quell that situation, Joseline, perhaps salty about being booed during her debacle performance in Dallas, sucker punched Benzino’s fiancé Althea Heard.
After that, it was all flying fists, elbows and weaves, with some being torn out of the scalp. And by the time security forces stomped out one figurative brush fire, another one was ignited on another part of the set.
And just like in the case of drive-by shootings, even innocent people took one to the grill. A security guard took a shot to the face from one of the hysterical women who was swinging and screaming indiscriminately.
Because security couldn’t lock down the warring factions, someone called the cops and paramedics responded to treat at least three people.
VH1 cameras, of course, were calmly recording the entire pathetic episode.
The bad blood boiled over from Monday evening when Stevie J posted a compromising photo of Benzino and Althea on his Twitter page.


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