TSA Shows Weapons People Try to Get Past Security

We complain bitterly when we are standing in the back of a long line to get through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screening at the airport — especially when we’re running close to flight time.
We often wonder, sometimes aloud, why the process takes so long. Many of you will cease and desist with the complaining when you realize what some idiots and knuckleheads have tried to sneak aboard commercial flights.
Yes, there are people really dumb enough to try and smuggle dangerous weapons and illegal contraband onboard.
TSA is showing us that they really do confiscate weapons — a lot of them, actually — from people who think they are smart enough to get away with it. We’re talking grenades, switchblades, drugs — really?
“You change it from people complaining about TSA to people saying, ‘Wow look what TSA found, I can’t believe someone would try to come through with this,’” said Bob Burns who works for the TSA. “We like to show not only that our workforce is capable of finding these things, but we’d like to educate people.”
Take a look at some of the most dangerous items people have tried to sneak aboard flights. And after you view these items, perhaps you will be more understanding of how much TSA is protecting citizens from possible catastrophic circumstances.


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