Best Memes of LeBron James going back to Cleveland

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Unless you’ve been under a rock — even if you are at work or in the hospital —  you have heard that LeBron James has returned to his hometown to resurrect what has been reduced to a joke of a franchise and sports town.
Akron, Ohio, LeBron James’ hometown, is just a 30 minute drive south from Cleveland, all situated in an area called Northeast Ohio that in the midst of a five decade famine of championships since the unsurpassed legend of Jim Brown won a title for the Cleveland Browns exactly 50 years ago (and even that franchise got a serious electrical jolt when they drafted Johnny Manziel in the first round).
LeBron said in his own words on that he always felt that he would go back home at some point, but just didn’t know, to attend to some unfinished business of bringing home a championship to the region for the first time in a half century.
Take a look at the best memes about King James return to his roots in Akron, Ohio, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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