Mathew Knowles' alleged baby mama was besties with daughter Solange

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TaQoya Branscomb

Now we understand how Mathew Knowles allegedly hunted down and captured his second baby mama: she was best friends with Knowles’ youngest daughter Solange. But the father and Solonge’s so-called “friend” kept the sexual affair hidden from Solange throughout the duration of their relationship.

Beyonce’s father, as you know by now, has been hit with a second paternity suit, when he has failed thus far to cut any child support checks to his first baby mama, Alexsandra Wright, for their young son Nixon.

Mathew Knowles and his first baby mama, Alexsandra Wright, and their son Nixon.

TaQoya Branscomb and Solange Knowles met sometime inĀ 2008 when they had a mutual stylist acquaintance. Shortly thereafter, the Solange Knowles and Branscomb began kicking it hard, becoming BFFs and turning it up at bars and clubs all over Houston, reports.

Mathew Knowles, always scoping the terrain for fresh meat, quickly got Branscomb in his sights. Knowles took notice of his youngest daughter’s new friend and began to move in on the young woman.

When Daddy Knowles and Branscomb began hooking up, they both kept Solange in the dark. And, based upon what we know about Solange and elevators, it’s probably a good thing they did.

Well, that was years ago. The fun is over, Branscomb has a mouth to feed, and she wants Mathew Knowles to open his wallet. She went to Harris County courthouse to demand a paternity test and, if he is the father, to pay child support and her attorney’s fees.



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