Kandi Burruss and mother Mama Joyce are not speaking to each other

Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

You could see this one coming for quite some time. Apparently, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has gotten tired of being “punked down” and emotionally manipulated by her controlling mother, Mama Joyce, and began to buck back in demonstrative ways that fractured their relationship.
Mama Joyce did everything in her power to prevent the marriage of Burruss to fiancé Todd Tucker — much the same way Mama Joyce tried to destroy her daughter’s impending marriage to her previous fiancé, Ashley, “AJ” Jewell, who was tragically killed in a brawl at a strip club in Atlanta.
And Mama Joyce protested nonstop of Tucker — or anyone who tries to get close to Burruss — going so far as to call Tucker’s father a pimp during the taping of “Kandi’s Wedding” as the couple planned their nuptials. Although the wedding is done and Mama Joyce claimed that she’d made peace with her daughter marrying Tucker, Burruss recently revealed to Bravo that she and Joyce haven’t spoken in days.
During Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live” Burruss spoke with host Andy Cohen about her spats with Joyce over Tucker. Burruss claimed that she stands up to Joyce more than fans see on TV, but she explained that her mother is currently giving her the silent treatment.
“Right now, we haven’t been talking for a couple of days,” said Burruss.
Interestingly enough, Burruss says that the issue isn’t about Tucker this time; it’s about another major man in Burruss’ life.
“It’s something about my dad. It’s silly. To me, it gets to be petty sometimes so that sometimes I be like ‘Okay. We need a break,’” Burruss shared.
Burruss then shared the same critique about Mama Joyce that she had for NeNe Leakes at the recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.
“Apparently, she must be waiting on me to call her because she’s never wrong. Regardless of what is said, she never sees her part in the situation, she always makes it seem like I’m just wrong,” said Burruss.
Well, Mama Joyce did admit her aspirations to become a “Real Housewives” cast member and that she is crazy. This may be a first step toward healing, admitting that she’s a bit manic.
Stay tuned.

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