Boy found hanging at troubled day care

amareon20n-4-webDespite being on probation with multiple serious violations, including failure to report sex abuse, a day care center in Indiana stayed open until a young boy died after accidentally hanging himself while playing jumprope.
The mother of 5-year-old Amareon Williams has filed a wrongful death suit against Tricia’s Playhouse for its history of negligence that led to his death at the Michigan City, Ind., facility on June 9.
“I just hurt for my baby. I hurt for him so bad, because Amareon was a special kid,” said the boy’s mother, Ania Leflore, between heavy sobs. “I just wish I could have protected him. I wish I could have saved him because he’s gone now. He didn’t deserve that.”
The child died of asphyxiation after strangling himself with a jump rope tied to an outdoor play fort while going down a slide.
Two other child thought Amareon had been playing dead, The boys tried to push him on the slide, but they realized something was wrong.
“Amareon was a special kid and at the end of the day, I just want justice,” Leflore added.
State employees slammed the owner, Tricia Calvin, with six citations in April and placed the facility on probation, but the day care continued to look after children, including Amareon’s siblings.
The lawsuit claims the day care should have been transparent about its violations to prevent the child’s death.
“This is a tragedy that never should have happened,” Leflore’s attorney, Mark Novak, told the TV station.
The Family and Social Services Administration of Indiana temporarily shut the facility down for 90 days to investigate the death.


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