Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of World Cup 2014 Soccer Players

soccer wives ashley cole wife
For some unexplainable reason, the 2014 World Cup has broken records for attendance and television viewership in America, England, France, Brazil and several other countries.
Millions of Americans, in particular, are attending massive outdoor and indoor viewing parties in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other major metropolises. The drama and intrigue and surprise play has proven to be delicious and irresistible. fanny_neguesha_2
Speaking of irresistible … have you taken a look at some of the spouses and arm candy of these football players?!? It should be no surprise that the players for the world’s most popular sport — by far — international football, or what we call in America, “soccer,” would attract many of the world’s most heavenly creatures to their side.
As we stay revved in 5th gear toward the conclusion of the World Cup in Brazil, let’s take a look at the sexiest wives and girlfriends of the 2014 World Cup soccer players.
Enjoy. I know I did.

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