Best of 10th Annual Atlanta Greek Picnic 2014 Through Photos and Instagram

Tens of thousands of Greek Letter undergrad and grad members spilled onto the campuses of Morehouse and Morris Brown colleges throughout the weekend for spirited collectivism, competition and camaraderie. Prizes of $10,000 were given to the top sorority and fraternity step teams on Friday evening and $1,000 for the winners of stroll challenge on Saturday afternoon.apg 11
Multiple G9-themed parties broke out throughout the dizzying weekend, but organizer and promoter Tiwa Works made it unequivocally clear that the multitude was there to party with a purpose.IMG_4475
Many of the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters took part in philanthropic and community service projects that punctuated the weekend of endless activities.
Take a look at the photographic highlights of the 10th Annual Greek Atlanta Picnic weekend.
(Photos: Terry Shropshire and Instagram)


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