Meet the Black Players on the U.S. Soccer Team in the World Cup

soccer players
Football season has begun — yet not a single snap has been taken.
That’s because the true sport of football, which we call “soccer” in America, has officially begun for the U.S. Men’s National Team in Brazil. The U.S. men’s team shocked prognosticators and pundits alike when they eked out an improbable and exciting 2-1 victory over their historical tormentors, Ghana, in the opening rounds of the World Cup.
Still, the American men’s team is not expected to make much headway because they drew the hardest bracket. And they also sustained significant injuries to a couple of their best players.
Compounding the task of advancing to the second round is the astronomical number of flier miles facing the United States. The Americans will have logged nearly 9,000 miles after they complete group play.
There is a sizable number of black men who tried out for the American squad. Several made the team that will, hopefully, help the U.S. team bring home the World Cup. Let’s take a look.

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