Fathers Day 2014: Celebrating Black Fathers on Instagram

At the direction of comedian Jonathan Slocumb (red jacket, far left), several hundred black fathers were celebrated during the 100 Black Men of America Convention held near Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Comedian Jonathan Slocumb is renowned for his jokes. But what he did for African American fathers inside the Westin Diplomat hotel literally shook the 100 Black Men of America Convention to its very core.
Spontaneously, Slocumb called all black fathers up to the font during the esteemed organization’s black-tie gala to be acknowledged and celebrated. And one by one, hundreds upon hundreds of resplendently-dressed and dignified black men marched to the stage area, a powerful parade of proud poppas, as the ballroom erupted in a roof-rattling roar of an ovation.
It was a overwhelming and poignant moment for all who witnessed it — and even more so for those who were a part of it.
We only wish America could have seen this.
As a product of a two-parent household, it represents the height of indignation to have to endure the continual denigration of this demographic in America. There are plenty of black who are willing and able to take care of their children.
So we take it upon ourselves to celebrate the black men who are great dads. Take a look at some of the best postings on social media dedicated to black patriarchs on Father’s Day.
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