Stevie J. arrested because of $1 million child support debt

For the loyal disciples of “Love and Hop Hop Atlanta,” you know that the last thing this hyperkinetic and frenetic show needed was another injection of drama and “ratchetness.” It has an abundance of tumult already.
Well, it got some more drama anyhow. Music producer Steven Jordan, aka Stevie J, was accosted by police for being in arrears of back child support payments to the tune of over a million dollars.
Here’s what went down and how he got to behind bars. Stevie J and his then-girlfriend had a kid in 1997 and ’98. After they parted ways in 1999, Stevie J was ordered to pay $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually ballooned to $8500K.
Stevie J was making payments for the first few years, but then stopped paying in 2001 — an hasn’t handed over a single dollar since. After 13 years of nonpayment, the total ballooned to an astronomical $1,107,412.oo.
Cops nabbed Stevie J in suburban Atlanta and he’ll have a difficult time untangling himself from this legal quagmire.
Even worse, Stevie J also has to face criminal charges in New York.
If the producers of LAHHATL were looking for another juicy storyline to add more flavoring to a show that is already spicy, well, it just fell into their lap.


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