Drug dealer cross dresses to sneak up and murder his rivals

cross dress
A linebacker-sized drug dealer told federal prosecutors in New York that, in order to get close enough to murder a former protegé-turned-rival, that he he took the advice of reputed gangster Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron to dress up like a woman.
“I put on a wig, lipstick, makeup and I went looking for him,” Saquan Wallace, 28, said in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Wallace is serving a 30-year sentence for racketeering, murder and drug trafficking as the leader of the drug-dealing gang had kept the Wyckoff Gardens housing project in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn under siege. Today, he is a government witness against Herron. Wallace and Herron were allies in the drug trade until he agreed to turn state’s evidence against Herron.
Herron, according to the feds, controlled crack sales at the neighboring Gowanus Houses and is charged with racketeering and three murders.
In 2006, Wallace wanted to kill the man that he helped to rise in the drug trade, Jabari Foster, for violating a direct order to stop selling drugs at a particular building. Wallace explained to Assistant U.S. Attorney Rena Paul that his ally Herron encouraged him to dress up as a woman in order to hunt down his enemy without detection — because Herron had accomplished a murder of someone the exact same way before.
Wallace has never been easy to hide within the crowd because he stands about 6-feet-2 and weighs more than 200 pounds. But he found out that the unlikely tactic worked because he donned a wig and makeup and threw on a long shirt that looked like a dress and took to the housing projects in search of his prey.
When Wallace came upon a loud party in one of the apartments, he had a feeling that Foster was there. So he waited.
“Someone walked out and I was around the wall waiting,” Wallace said. “When the person came in the open it was him (Foster) and I opened fire on him repeatedly and killed him.”
On cross-examination, defense lawyer James Neuman asked: “Did you look like a woman?”
“Yes,” Wallace replied.
“So it was a good disguise for you?”
“It was good enough,” Wallace said.
After Wallace killed Foster, he told prosecutors that he quickly discarded his clothes permanently by burning it.


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