Justin Bieber caught telling racist joke about black people

justin_bieber_sr_140319_16x9_992Justin Bieber has desperately tried to acquire street cred and be down with elite members of the hip hop community. So why he would he tell such a racist joke about the very people he is trying to curry favor with?
The frequently bumbling Canadian-born singer, often in altered states of consciousness because of his addiction to “sizzurp,” weed and other illicit narcotics, used the N-word over and over again while telling a race-based joke — even though he knew his photographer was in the room and filming the entire episode.
The video was filmed backstage at a promotional event. Bieber began with,”Why are black people afraid of chain saws?”  The skin-crawling punchline saw him repeatedly saying, “Run N*****.”
TMZ claims they acquired his video four years ago but said they decided not to release the video. The entertainment blog rationalized the decision as Bieber being young — he was 15 at the time — and immediately told his friends what he did was stupid.  It came to light because a British pay site published the video.
Sources close to Bieber say one African American was present at the time he told the joke, as if that makes the racially-tinged joke okay.
Now that the video is out, Bieber is said to be remorseful and mortified about that joke and said he will come out publicly within the next day to address the situation head on.

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