Malia Obama goes to the prom; who was her date?

malia obama
Barack Obama may be president of the United States, but he is still a father, so he had to be feeling some kind of way when his eldest daughter took part in that teenage rite of passage and went to her first prom.
Malia Obama, 15, is a 10th grader now, so she does what other adolescents do and that is rolling to school dances and going out on dates.
We just want to know who her date was.
Obama wouldn’t say whether his older daughter had a date or went with friends. He joked it’s “classified information” during an interview airing Friday on the talk show “Live! With Kelly and Michael.”
Laughably, the president said he doesn’t think he’d been too intimidating for any boy who might roll up to the White House to pick Malia up.
Mr. President, we disagree. We can’t think of a more intimidating thing for a juvenile to do  than to go to the White House to pick up the president’s daughter. Barack Obama
Obama admitted “a little bit jarring” to see daughter in heels for the first time. Of course, he said Malia looked beautiful, but she really is. In some photos, she is almost an exact replica of her statuesque mother.
The president added that he and first lady were worried that growing up in the White House would give their daughters “an attitude.” The Obama parents, however, are very proud that their offspring have remained respectful, kind and considerate young women.
Obama credited wife Michelle. Smart man.


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