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Most expensive sports team sales of all time

Racist curmudgeon Donald Sterling and his duplicitous wife Rochelle finally capitulated to the demands of the NBA and reportedly have sold the Los Angeles Clippers to a Microsoft billionaire for $2 billion.
Sterling’s vile and debased mentality was exposed via a secret recording by his Mexican-black mistress V. Stiviano while he has going off on a rabidly racial rant about his disgust of black people, including much-admired NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver almost immediately slammed a lifetime ban upon Sterling and fined him $2.5 million, the maximum fine allowed under NBA ownership bylaws. 
After initially declaring legal war against the NBA, Sterling acquiesced to the commissioners demand, handed over the team operations to wife, who just hit the jackpot when Ballmer reportedly handed over $2 billion.
That brings to mind the most expensive sales of teams in sports history. Here are the top 10:

10. New York Jets, NFL, $635 million sale to Woody Johnson in 200o.

9. Chicago Cubs, Major League Baseball, $700 million sale to the Ricketts Family in 2009

Bob McNair, right, speaking to Roger Goodell

8. Houston Texans, NFL, $700 to Bob McNair in 2002.

7. St. Louis Rams, NFL, $750 million sale to Stan Kroenke in 2005.

Dan Snyder in red shirt

6. Washington Redskins, NFL, $750 million sale to Daniel Snyder in 1999.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, $770 million sale to Shahid Khan in 2012

4. Miami Dolphins, NFL, $1.1 billion sale to Stephen Ross in 2008

3. Manchester United soccer franchise, $1.47 billion sale to Malcolm Glazer in 2005.

2. Los Angeles Clippers, NBA, $2 billion to former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers, Major League Baseball, $2.1 billion in the ownership group fronted by Earvin “Magic” Johnson.