Atlanta woman shoots would-be home invaders

woman shoots intruders
Even after being terrorized by three thugs who tried to break into her suburban Atlanta apartment after midnight, forcing her to shoot one of them twice, the single woman was still concerned for the injured teen’s safety and well being.
An East Point, Ga., woman said at least three people approached the victim’s door at the Laurel Ridge apartment complex just after midnight.
According to the police report, the woman responded to an official-sounding knock at the door. The criminals told her they were with the East Point Police Department.
When the woman cracked the door to take a look outside, the three tried to push their way inside.
What the criminals did not know was that the female had a firearm in her free hand.
The criminals had a gun, also, but the female fired first, striking one of the intruders in buttocks and grazing his head. After fleeing the scene, the injured teen was tracked down by police a short time later. The other two teens got away.
The woman told WSB-TV that she’s still shaken up and didn’t want to be identified.
“It could be retaliation,” she explained. However, she did say: “I just hope the boy is OK,” said the female resident.
“I heard three gunshots,” said neighbor Ramona Ferrell. “I knew it was gunshots. It was very close.”
Neighbors say there has been a rash of break-ins recently. They said days earlier someone tried to break into an apartment in the same building where the shooting happened.
“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Ferrell. “Something should be done. There’s a lot going on in this apartment complex.”

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