Georgia teen drowns in risky game at lake hours after graduation

chance-wernerA Cartersville family is still reeling from the horror after an 18-year-old new father died after being tied to a shopping cart and pushed into Allatoona Lake as part of a risky game, police state.
Chance Werner had just graduated from high school in Cartersville, Ga., about 35 miles north of Atlanta, when he joined a game with friend one of the lake’s docks Saturday afternoon, reports.
The game with friends involved having a person would sit in a shopping cart tied to a pole, then the cart was forcefully pushed off the dock,causing the person to “pop” out of the cart, get flung into the lake and then the person would swim to the dock.
For some reason, however, this time the cart was tied to Werner – not a pole, officials said. The cart pulled Werner into the water and he never resurfaced again.
The family is trying to come to grips with another senseless and avoidable tragedy.
“He was just learning to take care of a little baby. He was so proud,” Werner’s sister Charlee Werner told Channel 2 of Atlanta.
“It’s a tragic thing; that little time period where the rope got put onto him and where he got into the water is still a very gray area. We have no answers for that yet,” said Fred Werner, Chance Werner’s father.
Fred Werner added that son Chance was with a group of nearly 50 people in attendance, and wonders if his son was participating in a dare that he could pull up out of the water his own strength. No one is sure if anyone tried to dive in after him.
“With all these shows that are on cable and YouTube, I mean, you never know what’s going on,” said Fred Werner.

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