Girl publishes 2 books before graduating middle school

angelacontent_16x9A 13-year-old New York student is now the author of two published books — and she has yet to graduate from middle school, much less high school or college.
Moreover, Angela Content has written both her sci-fi book Awake and Alive and romance novel Shattered by hand and got them published using, a self-publishing site.
And guess what? She already has two more books in the works.
Angela’s mother, Marie Content, said her parental philosophy of keeping her daughter’s usage of the computer and television to a minimum has now paid enormous dividends.
“I wish all the parents can do the same — keep the electronic stuff away from the kids and talk to them more; hear what they have to say,” she told CBS News.
Despite the cumbersome, if not arduous path to success, Angela Content implores her peers to fight through to the end.
“Continue to follow your dreams. You’re going to feel great once you actually accomplish what you set your mind to.”
Content said she intends to pursue a career in writing on some level or another, with financial planning as a backup plan. She has plenty of time to make up her mind about her college discipline. And she has earned a few hundred dollars she’s earned from book sales into a college fund.
If you want to check out Content’s books, you can log onto Amazon’s and Barnes & Nobles’ websites.


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