LA rapper Maseratimet has come forward as the man behind the scenes of exposing LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and bringing the outrageous franchise owner to ridicule and the brink of ruin. Sterling’s former friend and C-list rapper Maseratimet says in a phone conversation with the out of touch Sterling, he was compelled to record the conversation for posterity.

“I don’t know, he threw me off. I always knew he wanted to be with a black woman, but what he said about [V. Stivano] and Magic Johnson … I look up to Magic Johnson. So, I just pushed the record button on my phone.”

In the hour long conversation, Sterling says he’s not a racist at all but his former mistress V.Stiviano is the real racist and hates being part-black and bleaches her skin every day. He also goes on to say that having the LA Clippers’ players stay ay his apartment is proof that he’s not a racist. He goes on about his and Stiviano sex life, how he met her and that she blackmailed him.

Maserati is suspected of having provided women for Sterling, who admits to having multiple affairs during his marriage. Sterling is quoted as saying, “Every man in Paris has a girlfriend of a mistress. You just want to have a little bit of fun,” before bursting into tears during the now infamous interview with Anderson Cooper on the CNN show “AC360.”

Many say Sterling’s interview with Cooper is not doing his image any good and is only putting nails in his coffin of NBA team ownership.

Of course Maserati leaked the tape to Daily Mail, because that’s what any struggling rapper would do in this situation. It seems like the more information we get, the more questions we have.

Maseratimet says he no longer considers Sterling a friend

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