Kenya Moore Thinks Porsha Fight Was a Setup; Says NeNe is ‘Threatened’ by Her

Kenya Moore said a mouthful during Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live” special.
First, she suggested that her takedown by co-star Porsha Williams was a setup by producers, and she again swears that the shade coming from NeNe Leakes is rooted in envy over her rising fame on the show. She also calls Phaedra’s husband Apollo ” a liar.”
In the chat, Moore appeared irritated with host and Bravo boss Andy Cohen, noting the show’s producers downplayed Porsha’s series of cruel jabs aimed against her.
“Had you leveled the paying field, had you shown the flashbacks of her being aggressive toward me — had you done that — then you wouldn’t have gotten the reaction that you did,” the former Miss USA, who pressed charges against Williams in the fight, told Cohen. “You stacked the deck of cards against me, so that is the truth.”
Kenya went on to say that Porsha had “a plan in place prior to the reunion to come and attack me.” She shot down Williams’ claims that she was bullied as a child, leading her to violently lash out on the reunion special.
“I think, by definition, of a bully is someone who torments a weaker person,” she said, “and I think that that term is not appropriate here.”
Moore compared Williams’ aggression toward her to that of an abusive spouse.
“I think that she is a person who is incapable of showing contrition — she is not remorseful and I don’t think that someone who was attacked would have to apologize for being attacked.
“I think that’s similar to saying if you’re a husband and you beat up your wife and the husband says, ‘Well she provoked me.’”
When talk turned toward NeNe, Moore singled her out for being jealous of her newfound notoriety on the top-rated Bravo hit.
“I think NeNe is very threatened by me … maybe she does not have the career she thought she would have, and her focus is now solely on the Real Housewives, I think she’s just clearly threatened by my existence on the show, and it is really sad, because I was a good friend to her.”
Cohen then showed a clip of Leakes calling her a “ding-dong” who she doesn’t like, grudgingly admitting her dramatics make for good TV.
“The ratings say that I’m great for the show,” Moore said with confidence. “We don’t need NeNe to say it, the ratings say it.”
Following up on a comment she’d made comparing her co-stars to pigs, Moore said it was in relation to how her castmates revel in the sensationalism and gossipy environment the show nurtures.
“I think just allowing myself to roll around in the mud with pigs, because the pigs love it and all you do is get dirty.”
Kenya goes on to  blames the her “RHOA” cast members for viewers’ distrust of her and that Apollo is lying about the two of them hooking up.

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