The Film Strip: Rising Star Jerrod Carmichael a ‘Neighbors’ Favorite

Jerrod Carmichael is fast becoming the household name getting a lot of attention along with other highlighted celebrities.
His “Neighbors” co-stars were enthusiastic in relaying how they felt recently at the JW Marriott in New York City. “He’s endlessly winning,” Seth Rogen declared. “Yes, you just want to be around him,” Zac Efron chimed in. “He’s really sweet and charming as a person. He’s got a really funny, positive outlook. He’s witty. What’s wrong with Jerrod?” Rogen responded to Efron’s heaps of praise with, “Nothing.
Rogen was a big fan of Carmichael’s stand-up shows and looked forward to working with him.
“We were excited to get him in the movie in some capacity. I feel like he’s going to be very, very famous soon. He’s about to do an HBO special with Spike Lee,”Rogen relayed.”
Impressed with his work ethic, Efron mentioned Carmichael’s routine.
“We watched his standup act last night here New York. He’s here doing press and he does standup every night!” Not missing a beat, Rogen jumped in.
“He’s amazingly driven and funny and sweet. Really, just like one of the literally nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Dave Franco delivered the ultimate tribute when he said, “Now we text Jerrod more than our families, and that’s the truth.”
With such adulation acknowledged, the bottom line is whether Carmichael is a good neighbor or not. He told The Film Strip that he is.
“I’m a good neighbor because I’m never home,” he explained. “And, I don’t bother to introduce myself to anybody that lives near. I don’t know a single one of my neighbors’ names and I’ve been there for a couple of years. There’s no exchange; nobody complaining. I think that’s a good thing.”
The Robert DeNiro scene is one of the funniest in “Neighbors.” A testament to his talent, Carmichael had a hand in it. “With everybody being Robert DeNiro, we just didn’t have that kind of makeup [translation: no white face makeup],” he laughed. “So I asked Nick (director Nicholas Stoller) if it would be an easier option to have me play Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown that Robert DeNiro was also in? Then, I was like, ‘Hey, we should do something from ‘Pulp Fiction’ but realized I had no clue what any of those lines were. So then I took Stoller’s phone and had to learn the whole thing, the whole thing in 15 minutes. So that was really, really a lot of fun.”
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