A Guide to Ratchet Reality TV Moms

Jackie: The Instigator

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. She has to be one of the greatest instigators in all of TV land. It’s bad enough that she is 43 (reportedly) and wants acceptance from 20-somethings. I’m sorry, but I’m not hanging around with auntie like she is my only friend in the world. No, ma’am.
This is how you should be with your mom’s friends who want so desperately to be friends with you…

But anyway, Jackie started problems with just about everyone on “Basketball Wives: LA,” only to look surprised and shocked when they called her out on it. And when she was called out, she loved to turn everything around on her sad life and would cry to become the victim. That’s the worst kind of crazy.
The worst of it was from the third season when Draya said under her breath to Sundy, “Get ya ratchet a– on,” here goes Jackie as loud as she wanted to be, “She [Sundy] ain’t ratchet. Draya said, ‘Get your ratchet a– in the kitchen,’ but she didn’t mean it!” Jackie, girl. You cute.
And let’s mention the issue she had with her daughter, Chantel, and Draya fighting over the same man. Mom, never bring the other woman and current girlfriend together. Especially if the other woman was never really the other woman! [sigh]
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9 out of 10 crazies


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