A Guide to Ratchet Reality TV Moms

Frankie: The Wildcard

frankie lons
Okay, so Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole’s mother, had her own set of problems. She was in prison for drug related charges by the time the BET show, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” started, but once she got out, she became known for her antics and drama.
The problems she brought to the show didn’t have anything to do like most of the moms, meaning her not liking Keyshia or her sister Neffe’s boyfriends. She had her own demons to fight. But that didn’t stop her from creating catch phrases like “holla,” “code 10″ or even her own dance with the Frankie leg.
Sure she cried a lot — more like all the time — and was jealous of the love Keyshia had for her adopted mom, but her heart was in the right place.
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5 out of 10 crazies


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