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Prison Really Was A Home Away From Home For Queensbridge Housing Projects Residents 

In one of the more tragic parts of the film, Jungle gives a brief story and update on the people featured in the album insert’s photos. According to him, when it came time for Nas to shoot the photos for the album, he was in a celebratory mood. He told Jungle to get people to come outside. Jungle reflected on all of the love he and Nas felt that day during the Danny Clinch photo shoot, but became somber when he revealed that almost every single person in those photos was either in prison at the moment or had served some hard prison time at point or another. When the filmmakers let Nas know that tidbit of information, he reacts with a solemn “That’s f**ked up.”


5 Things I Learned After Seeing “Time Is Illmatic” was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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