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If reality television is the benchmark, there is plenty going on in the ATL formerly known as Hotlanta. It is the backdrop for numerous reality TV shows. You all know that my favorite is “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” By the time you read this, we should have watched the last episode for this season and possibly the first half of the reunion show.
Who would have thought that this show would have lasted six seasons?
Kandi and Todd got married on April 4, and there will be a spin off with the complete back-story of the wedding.  Pictures are available in the latest copy of In Touch magazine. Reportedly the feathered gown cost $20,000 and she put the wedding together in less than a month. Momma Joyce was there and says, “if she is happy then I need to be happy for her.”
If you “like” Kandi’s page on Facebook, you should also know that you can order a copy of “A Mother’s Love” on DVD, and if you send Kandi a copy of the Jet magazine with her picture on the cover she will autograph it and send it back. Don’t forget to send with a self -addressed stamped envelope. Just judging by her Facebook posts it doesn’t look like she and Todd went on a honeymoon of any length.
Back to the other housewives, remember that clothing line of Nene’s that we talked about a while ago? Well seems like it is going to be a reality. You saw Leakes meet with the staff and her manager at HSN, and you saw her “review” several pieces of clothing and you also noticed that she vetoed all but one “cold shoulder” top that has been done and done by every designer on the planet. How about letting me put my name on the ones that she did not like? I logged in to HSN and saw that her “line” will be debuted on July 28 and if you give them your email address they will send you updates. I guess she is going to show us that she is no “She by Sheree.”  HSN says first a Real Housewife now a real designer.
Not to be outdone by the RHOA, Married to Medicine is back. I thought that show was history. I guess the ratings were higher than I thought. A new cast member has been added and the new season is back full of antics and drama from a cast of women who are either doctors or married to doctors, yes it is also based in Atlanta. Between the two shows we are only talking about a dozen women, but where do they find women who act so crazy in front of millions? I know that a large portion of the show is not all together real but I think some of it is based on truth, for instance the legal problems of Apollo Nida, and his southern belle wife Phaedra. I can’t wait to see the reunion show to see what is going on between these two. Stay tuned.
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