White House Says Obamacare Politics ‘Are In A Different Phase Now’


With news that more than 7 million people have chosen plans through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, it seems logical that Democrats, who have endured months of criticism of the law’s launch, would now be gloating. And, indeed, during a Tuesday afternoon news conference in the White House’s Rose Garden, many congressional lawmakers joined the president in celebrating a milestone most people assumed was out of reach.
But members of the administration and strategists outside it aren’t yet fully ready to aggressively tout the health care law during the upcoming congressional elections. If anything, their hope is that the good news surrounding enrollment effectively neutralizes the issue.
During a White House briefing shortly before the president made the 7.1 million enrollment announcement, a senior administration official conceded that public opinion on Obamacare would likely remain as is until the president leaves office in 2017.
For more, go here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/02/white-house-obamacare_n_5078493.html

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