Elizabeth Atkins


When divorcee and author Elizabeth Atkins found herself back on the dating scene after 10 years of

marriage, she found that the landscape was not what she anticipated and determined to level that
playing field for women a bit with an outrageous concept … contractual husbands. In Atkins’ provocative
new book Husband’s Incorporated, women are afforded the opportunity to turn the tables and
orchestrate romantic relationships and sexual encounters on their own terms and the old fashioned way
… they pay for it.
Much like when women around the country were wrapped-up in read Terry McMillan’s Waiting to
Exhale, and re-examining our thinking about love and monogamy, self-esteem and self-sacrifice,
Husband’s Incorporated offers a new, albeit outrageous approach to women getting what they want
and hopefully walking away unscathed by the love and marriage process.
Real Times Media spoke with the renowned author about the Husbands Incorporated concept and the
pros and cons of geisha-like husbands in real world applications.
What was the inspiration for penning Husbands Incorporated?
The whole idea was inspired after I got divorced. When I started dating again, it was fun for a while and
then it just kind of fizzled out. People don’t exhibit the type of passionate interest that they do at the
very beginning of a relationship. I didn’t want a serious relationship after being married and being with
one man for 10 years. I also wanted to protect my health and my reputation and my safety, so casual sex
was not an option.
At the same time I realized that when you go to the dentist, or a car dealer or a restaurant and you
pay for services you get excellent service. So I thought, what if you could just pay to have the perfect
relationship. Money is an excellent incentive … and I created a fantasy world where women can pay to
have the perfect marriage for one year only, with someone superhot and super fresh!
How does the ‘husband’ in this arranged relationship benefit?
He earns $150,000 in one year which he would otherwise not have had access to. He’s going to go along
with the woman’s program and everybody has a great time. The company Husbands Incorporated,
which is based in Detroit, screens everybody extensively which includes background checks, mental
and physical health examinations and makes sure there are no lunatics in the mix. Then the company
trains the man in etiquette, hygiene and of course how to please a woman. The company also takes it
to another level in terms of characters. A woman can have a cowboy, professional athlete, firefighters,
Latin lovers … and just have the ultimate fantasy relationship. It’s kind of the reverse of the Stepford
Wives, only unlike robots in the movie these are real people with free will.
Who are the character wives in Husbands Incorporated?
These are women of means who have full control. They are women who are rising up the corporate
ladder. They’re CEOs with lots of money and little time to really invest in a relationships. There are four
main characters in the book who prove that this is easier said than done.
In the book the CEO of Husbands Incorporated, Judith Roman, is a woman who has raise her children
and is now divorced. She doesn’t believe in true love or monogamy and works not to succumb to the
ideals of either.
Roman’s co-founder of the company, Ray Johnson, is one of my favorite characters in the book because
she speaks her mind and she knows what she wants. … She treats love like it’s a game and she takes the
game to a [new] level.
There is also a 24-year-old lesbian who is supposed to get a huge inheritance when she’s 25 provided
she marries a man. So she takes a husband for the money.
The fourth character is a plain-Jane who undergoes a complete makeover and is transformed into the
ultimate cosmo-girl. She wants to attract this native American hunk, but she is so insecure about her
exterior that she can’t enjoy the experience.
Why this book now?
The point is to really counteract the tradition of men getting bored with their wives and losing interest
in a woman after a certain age. Husbands Incorporated draws attention to a lot of issues that are being
talked about today, monogamy, self-love, marriage, romance passion, sex and satisfaction. It’s fiction
but it weighs in n all of these questions that people are constantly talking about. It’s the hot topic of the
Husbands Incorporated is the first in the trilogy series from Atkin is available at amazon.com.
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