Draya Posing At An Event

We aren’t sure what made Basketball Wives Of LA‘s Draya think that she wouldn’t catch a virtual beatdown on Twitter for tweeting the following statements….but conventional wisdom should have told her that Black Twitter was going to have NONE of it! Hell we’re still gasping from the last time they drug her for days over something she said. As a matter of fact she’s lucky half of the industry was getting ready for the Grammy Awards and didn’t catch it!

It all started when Draya tweeted the comment below

And then Black Twitter came for her regarding things that she has worn in the past…some rather recently actually!

Draya Michelle

And then in a sincere effort to end things on a high note…Draya tried to tweet something totally benign which should have changed the direction of her mentions….they key words being should have.

Draya fair or not…they do not seem to want to let you forget where they know you from hon. So it’s probably best not to give them ammunition of any type to shoot at you….we’re just saying. When in doubt…don’t tweet it.


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