Crunch If You Want To

Another myth in waist trainings is “crunches will give you a flat stomach/six pack.” Lie. First off all majority of folks do crunches wrong, straining their necks and pulling on their spines/backs as opposed to flexing their core muscles. This causes a lot of strain on the vertebras that make up your spine. And P.S. All that crunching will ultimately give you one thing: a rounded back. Second of all, even if you are one of the few who do crunches correctly you are still only working a small fraction of your core. Crunches only allow for forward flexion and isolate the upper layer of the abdominal region only. There are various other regions and planes of motion that make up your core. So unless you are interested in bulky lumps around your ribs, a Quasimodo physique and a hernia skip all those crunches.

Burn The Fat Build The Muscle

With that said, the best way to train your core is to focus on a regimen that is a combination of both cardio and functional based movements. Your core is the meat of the sandwich when it comes to your body, so training it to activate and stay engaged during “total body” movements is far more beneficial than isolating your core only. And secondly, you need to burn the fat and build the muscle at an even rate. If you are always focusing on your core and aren’t doing cardio or eating clean (see below) then your abdominal muscles will forever be hidden under layers of fat.

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