Why the 'Net Neutrality’ Ruling Should Concern You

verizon_logo.jpgA federal appeals court in Washington ruled Tuesday that the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules be struck down, in essence saying the agency cannot regulate what service providers do. Carriers, such as Verizon, however, can make traffic run faster on certain sites and slower on others, but they have to inform their subscribers of what they are doing.
While many people don’t see how this ruling effects their lives directly, Roland Martin expressed on “NewsOne Now” that the ramifications of the ruling could be devastating, especially for minority media business owners.
Kristal High of Politic 365 countered that the ruling will bring forth innovation from new carriers to bring more options in the way we receive our Internet. “When you start talking about how we share this space, it’s not one [discussion] about the big guys or the little guys, it really is a complete ecosystem we’re talking about, and I think there’s opportunities and upside for new entrance after this decision then there was before.
“If you put aside this notion that traffic is going to be slowed down and prioritized,” she said, “[because] that’s not on the table right now, frankly, if anyone were to try that, the FCC is right there to check that behavior.”
Listen to the discussion below:
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