Lost Protege of James Baldwin Resurfaces With Compelling New Novel

Dwight G StackhouseMother’s Milk is a provocative novel written by author Dwight G. Stackhouse. This native Detroiter, affectionately known as “Skip” to friends and family, is a writer whose vision involves people and embraces diversity in all aspects of life. He began his artistic career in 1977 performing on stage as an actor, in Grand Rapids, Mich. He continued performances in Detroit, Boston, New York and France to stellar reviews; reviews that garnered the attention and respect of one of its playwrights, the late and legendary author, James Baldwin.
Recognizing this young talent, Baldwin offered Stackhouse an internship as his administrative assistant. He would spend several years on tour with Baldwin to universities and speaking engagements across the U.S and in France studying under his tutelage. As a protégé of the late and legendary writer, he has recently completed his first novel, based on a true story.
“There is no way to deny the guiding influence of the great James Baldwin,” Mr. Stackhouse says, “or his model for the telling of insightful truths.” He is the subject of one of James Baldwin’s poems, “Song for Skip” published in his literary collection called “Jimmy’s Blues”. Stackhouse is a writer of poetry, plays, songs, essays and short stories. Being a 65 year old writer and having shared his work and been encouraged by many readers, he considers himself arriving late in the game, but embraces the opportunity to express his artistic vision and his love of literature.
His novel, titled Mother’s Milk, is the story of a young minister who is broken by the death of his mother. He loses his faith in God and all sense of his former self. The impenetrable grief that befell him after her passing, which the author contrasts to idyllic familial love, delivers a raw and powerful glimpse into the fragility of the human spirit. Weaving in and out of past and present moments, the narrator’s overview is enhanced by revelatory dialog and the reader is taken on a spectacular and most unpredictable voyage.
Stackhouse masterfully delivers dialog in lyrical tones while using this metaphorical title to demonstrate the love, the lessons learned, the pain shared, and the incredible bond between a mother and child. He brilliantly paints redemption in brushstrokes that leave the reader drenched in emotions and riveted in reflection. It is the journey, however, of this prodigal son that will most likely leave the reader spell-bound as he discovers a world for which he is totally unprepared. His imminent demise is halted by nothing less than the depth of a mother’s love and the yet-to-be fully explored powers of a Mother’s Milk. You will not want to miss the heart-warming conclusion!
Early reviews of Mother’s Milk describe it this way: “It hits the standard for a haute literary work that surpasses the norm with a tapestry of evocative emotions, vivid memories and stark realism,” “It’s a wonderful heartfelt slice of Americana,” “leaves me curious, introspective, and in the end, wiser for the experience.” Avid readers and book club reviews describe it as “. . . the best thing I’ve seen on the market today,” “. . . written like a song,” “. . . couldn’t put it down,” “Compelling!- can’t wait for the movie,” and “Absolutely brilliant!”
Mr. Stackhouse is available for interviews, author visits, book signings, lectures and workshops. The “e-book” format is an accessible resource for parent, community, and learning centers; as well as educators, students, libraries, galleries, schools and universities.


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