Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Hula Hoop With GoPro Camera

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders goproIf the title of the post wasn’t enough to get you to watch, then perhaps you need an explanation of what the video below is.
While shooting their calendar, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were outfitted with a GoPro HD camera – the one you can stick just about anywhere to film just about anything – on a hula hoop. The shots range from sandy beaches to the inside of AT&T Stadium, the current home of the Cowboys, also known as Jerry World.
Again, it’s cheerleaders hula hooping with a GoPro camera that catches every move from a first-person point of view. Life is good sometimes.
[ione_embed src=//www.youtube.com/embed/zHbk92G655k service=youtube width=560 height=315 type=iframe]


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