Cover To Cover…‘Nothing to Lose’

nothing to lose cover“No” is definitely not your favorite word.
You can’t stand to hear it in any form. You can’t stand to read it and you very rarely say it. You hate the word because it only means you can’t have something you want. That’s a word you’ve removed from your vocabulary.
So how far would you go to get your heart’s greatest desire?  In the new book “Nothing to Lose” by Angela Winter, three friends want what they want—and they’ll destroy lives to get it.
Sherise Robinson was “demanding and spoiled, and that was the way she liked it.” She’d grown up on in Southeast D.C. and had clawed her way to where she was, working with the man who would surely be the next President of the United States.
Yes, she was at the top of her game, but it hadn’t been easy. Sherise had slept with a lot of men, both for revenge and for social position. It had almost cost her marriage but she and Justin had been in therapy and were now more in love than ever before. Sherise only hoped that would be enough if, for some reason, the lid was ever blown off the biggest potential scandal of all-time.
It had been a long year for Billie Carter, but things were finally looking up.
She’d made a career-altering mistake at her D.C. law firm, and while the partners were reluctant to fire her, she knew they were relieved when she resigned. After six months of joblessness, though, her old lawschool chum offered her a plum job—with strings attached. Billie had to win over a headhunter and, once she did that, she would have to work with her ex-husband on a big case. The first part would be a piece of cake. The second part would almost ruin everything.
Erica Kent had discovered the truth about her paternity by mistake. It was a bigger mistake to confront powerful Jonah Nolan about it because now he wanted to control her life, for her own good, he claimed. But Erica was fully capable of making decisions and finding her own love. Wasn’t she?
Oh, my. Where do I begin?
Let’s start with this: I fully believe there are way too many characters in this book; eight of them before you’re even at the end of page three. Add in an extremely convoluted tangle of infidelity that ultimately matters little to the storyline and you’re off to a not-so-good start.
If it got better, I would tell you. But I can’t.
From this weak opening, more characters are added: manipulators, alcoholics, liars, sniping “girls,” not much to like. The scandals are ho-hum, toss in a silly faux-intrigue story-with-a-story, and it’s all quite hard to follow. No matter: I pretty much stopped caring long before the contrived ending is revealed.
There are better books out there—some, by author Angela Winters! but I just can’t recommend this one. You may want to try “Nothing to Lose” but I don’t see anything to gain by it.
(“Nothing to Lose” by Angela Winters, c.2013, Kensington, $15/$16.95 Canada, 320 pgs.)


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