best man holiday castNot surprisingly, the discussion around Kwanzaa between the cast of the “The Best Man Holiday” was as varied as it is in the African-American community. While Director Malcolm Lee says his family does celebrate Kwanzaa, other members of the cast were not very familiar with the celebration at all. Nia Long, whose name is one of the seven principles (meaning purpose) was pragmatic about any possible inclusion of Kwanzaa in this or any holiday film.

“I think ‘Holiday’ is more universal,” she says. “This is a movie and we want to appeal to all audiences. I am of part of Kwanzaa but I’m not gonna say ‘The Best Man,’ Kwanzaa.”

However, her co-star Morris Chestnut didn’t think that was such a bad idea, even in jest. “I’ll talk to Malcolm Lee and maybe we’ll do ‘The Best Man Kwanzaa’ for the third movie.”

Regina Hall’s response may best sum up how many people feel about the celebration, “I’ve never practiced Kwanzaa but I’ve always liked the sound of it…”

To see what the rest of the cast had to say watch the clip below.

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