ebony walkerA southwest Atlanta mom will not be having a very merry Christmas this year. Ebony Walker, a single mother of four elementary school-aged children, says thieves broke into her apartment just three days before the holiday and made off with all that they could carry, including the gifts she had bought for her young children, reports CBS Atlanta.

Walker (pictured), told CBS Atlanta reporters that she worked hard to buy the items that were stolen. The gifts included an Xbox, a cell phone and a basketball hoop amongst other things, which Walker had placed in the corner of her living room. Walker said she had been slowly buying and accumulating the toys for her children for a couple of months. The disappointed mom also had two large screen televisions taken, including the cable boxes that were attached to them.

According to police investigators, Walker’s apartment had been broken into while she was at work. The robbers used an instrument, which police believe to be a crowbar, to pry her front door open. The thieves ransacked the apartment and even got away with some ‘rainy day’ monies Walker had been saving.

Walker is not upset by the fact that the thieves stole her televisions, but what is heartbreaking for her is that they robbed her children of a Christmas this year. She is upset at having to explain to her children that for them, there will be no Christmas this year, as she does not have the money to buy them any more toys.

“It was very wrong for them to do this. They took from my kids and I worked hard to get them what they needed,” Walker said. “I don’t know where to start, the little money I had is gone. I was through with them, you know, they [children] would’ve woke up Wednesday very happy. So now, I don’t know what will be my next step.”

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